Listening: Lil bit-Lykke li

Making: Football scarf. Making pattern.

Hello there, I should mention that I probably won’t blog at all on weekends, since that is bf time, and I’m distracted by lots of loving to care much for the blog.

This weekend went pretty swell as it usually does,  Friday was nice,  and relaxing. On Saturday we prepared for  Mexico City’s Zombie Walk. I did our make-up on the subway, its not awesome, but it was enoughly  zombieish.

It was a lot of fun, growling and moaning around,  and we found some incredible fellow zombies on the walk. They were too awesome, there was even zombie babies,   we decided we’ll plan our zombie costumes better next year, we sorta improvised them,  I got a dress from bf’s mother to tear apart 8D! it was fun.

El Santo zombified!

Princess zombie, aw. ❤

Aztec sacrifice zombie.


Plant Vs Zombies zombies 😀  it made me happy.

Mickey Zombie.

I liked this piccie,  Zombie Hipster.

❤ Zombie little darlings.


This one was so weird, me likey.


That grandma was hugging zombies even. ❤

Zombie hands!!!

Every time our piece of the march passed a store they yelled what it was.  XD (Tacos! Tacos! Tacos! ….Jewels! Jewels! Jewels! That’s Mexicans for you.)

Zombie babies. ❤

Zombie hunk, rawr ;D!

Some zombie friends of mine.  :D!

Zombie cutie ❤

Zombie hippies and zombie me.

We greeted my friend Ake in a very zombie way.  He was delicious.

Our master, Hannah.

Zombie Grandma, she was biting people and stuff.<3

Gotta love it.

Wahahahahahah Zombie love!

There were more than 9,000 zombies, we broke the guiness record.  YAY México!

It was fun and extremely exhausting, we finished the night with some beers and  I found out the day after that  all that zombie goodness took it’s toll on my old back injury, so much that I couldn’t go home the night after as I always do.  I was in tears from the pain, and you should know I am no wuss, but I even asked for pain killers, and I do not take drugs. Regrettably I missed a day of work,  I’ll catch up with some extra hours during the week if possible.

On my X-mas presents,  I already finished the Queen Ann’s lace scarf and I’m moving on, making a pattern for a football scarf, learning how to tapestry crochet and do Tunisian.  Let’s see how that goes.

Love, brainz and pain killers,

Didi Starfish.