Pizza and Cookies

That’s what we had, on the weekend, ALL  weekend. It was delicious, yes, it was! Even though my cookies  were fail, but tasted great.

I took a few days off crochetting, in general, the pain on my back had me in a pissy pissy mood,   and when it was gone I was just very interested in my book, and god If i could only read and crochet at the same time, that would be heaven, with a cup of tea, listening to the bf’s guitar, yes I like that idea.

My weekend went swell as always, my poor penguin had the flu, so I was a a penguin nurse,  we watched The Muppets, it exceeded all expectations, you have to know I adore, ADORE the Muppets, and the  movie had me laughing out loud  for all it’s length. And I had macrons!  ❤

Today has been a long, long, long day, actually it felt like that since yesterday’s bus ride home, the driver was driving like an animal on crack and I came out of the bus shaking like a chihuahua threatened by a squeaky toy. Got my bus to pick-up my panicked butt and  went for dinner, a dinner I could not eat, but a dinner that served as breakfast. Went to work , and I picked-up two hours more, so now I work for 7 hours,  which is more money, so YAY. But it felt like  FOR EVER even though everyone was nice today.

My boss usually drives me home since I live  quite close ( by car, public transportation is hell but I face it as the valiant warrior I am), usually making a stop at his house , he feeds his cats, and drops his lap top off… but this time, he forgot about me and left me out there in the winter sun for… 45 minutes, in which I poked my ipod,  read my book, stared blankly at the sky…  oh god it felt like for ever, again.  And between driving here and there to run  some errands, I ended up arriving home at 6 pm.

And still no crochet, or well, less than I’d desire.  I decided to work on two paintings and a sketch I have laying around.

Abandoned with peanuts, see?  poor sad paintings, momma will be paying you lost of attention this week, promise.

And just cuz i feel like I should, here is an sneak-peek of my football scarf.

Tapestry crochet! I also just discovered that making clean circles seems a tad impossible, specially taking into account that my crochet skills are not that advanced yet, specially when its about tapestry. So I think for now, until I find a solution I’ll make something else for Dany.

That will be it for today.

Love and arabic gum,

Didi Starfish.



What I have been making lately…

And by lately I mean this past year, way before I thought about  making this blog. It’s been a long day , I have been attacked by bumble bees again, but I survived, and I can’t hate them,they are so chubby <3.  I also had a snickers ice cream bar ( that things is only sold in ONE store over here) and had cookies, I’m getting fat, I have to work out… >_>

Anyway, I went to Irma’s house yesterday, actually, I just didn’t told you… I’m sneaky like that. She is a very nice old lady who  has fed me when I needed it the most, sometimes when I don’t at all, she gives me a good talk and calls her self my fake mommy. Her house is way better lighted than mine, aside that mine has no decor what so ever and is messy and its n a quite ugly state, since we have been four people living here for the past month, all working all day.

So yeah,  I took pics of the projects  that are still in my possession, most of my stuff gets given away or, well lost in moving and such, I’ll show you what I’ve got… (excuse the terrible pictures I was being a bit pressured)

This blanket is for my friend Zu’s baby, Nerea, I just have failed to deliver it…  I made one of this sort for Mia, Liliana’s  toddler,  but I can’t seem to find it. It needs some blocking  but for now I really lack the space.

These are cushions based on a parttern by Alice at Crochet with Raymond, from the bunting tutorial, go have a look , link at the  left.

Same story here, just better pictures,  the  true rainbow one is  for Jesh’s mom and the other one is mine.

This shawl, scarf things, that yarn is gorgeous,  GORGEOUS  I tell you… My mother always asks me why  I can’t take one  serious picture… 8D! (God, I look tired.)

God I suck at taking pictures. Anyways, I made this just to try out Attic24’s granny stripe pattern, I can’t be bothered today to link into the post, my computer is being prissy,  but go to her link on the left. 

Irma modeled it!!!!!

This scarf, worked in trebles in a very soft blend… unknown fiber tho, was made to match…

THIS. It’s a bear hat, it has ear flaps and pompoms to tie it up,  I’ll be sharing the pattern soon. This was made for celeste, she also wants dinosaur spikes… which I have made, but not all fo them and I’m too lazy about it >_>.

And finally this, this is gonna be a cover for my bed, inspired by the awesome gypsy caravan bed cover by Alice ( big fan ).  50 something squares of 816,  and I’m being quite neurotic about it… Don’t have time for it since I’m in x-mas present euphoria.

I failed to have a decent picture of my sock monkey hat and he has no ears yet, I’m not gonna show him in shame. 

Also I’m knitting my frist hat, we will see about that…. humf!

Love and  Granny Squares,

Didi Starfish

The day the bugs attacked and a cowl for Liz

Reading:  Sourcery -Terry Pratchett’s Discworld

Listening: Autumn Leaves ❤

Making: Queen Anne’s lace Scarf for Fanny.

Today my alarm clock didn’t go off… but I never manage to be late for work really,  or for anything, I’m that neurotic about it, I have my father to blame for that one.  I had to take a cab to the office since my two buses were not going to take me there on time, I usually talk to cab drivers, but this one was quite happy with letting me read. 

We got there and I stopped by the store quickly, got a juice and some peanuts, said hi to Manuel the very serious sausage puppy and the two cats I always see in on my way, opened the gate and walked towards the sliding glass door, I look up and BAM!!!!! a spider as big as my hand… I screamed in terror, my boss and co-worker could not believe the size of the thing. 

We managed to set it free somewhere very far away from the office. I still get chills thinking about it,  we got pictures first and If my co-worker (aka teddy-bear) sends them to me I will be posting to share the terror.  I’m usually ok with spiders,  but I can never be ok with something that big and evil looking, seriously it was like She the spider’s baby…

Also I got attacked by pissed bumble bees and a bird that went into my house for no reason what so ever and got out on his on with very suspicious ease….

Moving on…

My roomie Liz is moving next month to Guadalajara, which is quite far away from where we live now,  and I decided to hook her up a quick present, Guadalajara is colder so she will be able to  wear it.  Since here in  Horncow ( the actual name is Cuernavaca, but hell, its funnier in english.)  we have crazy weather, I mean, it just rained… in autumn…wtf… and it’s hot all day long.

So here it is,  she was nice enough to model it for me.

I was very happy with the result and it was quite easy to make, I made a chain until I was happy with the length then,  round of hdc, round of dc, round of trbl, round of dc, round of hdc and so on and so on, also I always buy varicoloured yarn and I never know what to do with it,  this one  was very soft and she liked it very much, it’s made so she can tuck it into her jackets. 

I also finished the poke-ball scarf for the miniature critic, I’ll be posting about it tomorrow, if  I don’t get eaten by a donkey or something of the sort… as things are going it seems perfectly plausible. 

Love and raid spray,

Didi Starfish.

Hello blogosphere, Starfish says helloooooooooooooooooooo!


This Andrea (pronounced And-reh-ah, for it is Hispanic) , a.k.a  Didi Starfish on the interwebs.  I am a 25 year-old tattooed and pierced Mexican girl, who lives in the province of HornCow, Morelos.  I work with phones talking to people in the U.S. as a part time job,  the rest of the time I’m either crafting, crocheting, reading, painting, watching movies or series.  I live in a small social interest house with two room-mates and my red slider turtle, named Wasabi who was inherited to me by a very dear friend. I browse and I read several blogs, rarely commenting, and that is gonna change now!

Tis me in my sexy pose

Tis me!!!

My life keeps suffering changes and since I went independent on January this year, I’ve been learning how to handle broken bathrooms, bills, house cleaning/keeping and making ends meet, living on a very tight budget.

But I’m happy as happy can be,  I’m with the most amazing human being I have ever met, I call him penguin,  he lives in Mexico City but I get to see him on weekends, ALL  weekend.  He is a very talented musician and I think he is the awesomest thing since the internet, and Zeus knows I love the internet.

He is the butter to my bread. ❤

And I have plans to move to the Big City once again since I’m originally from there. So here you will have my adventures doing so, finding a job, a place to live, moving everything on my own, but most specially, my crochet and crafting, and if you are very lucky and I’m not that shy, you will get my art stuff too, and hopefully my decorating my new place.

Let’s start with that, shall we? 

I been making a bunch of cushion covers,  all taken from the amazing Alice in Crochet with Raymond, she has amazing patterns and colour goodness.

This granny mandala soon to be cushion is  for my friend Jesh’s mother.  Who needs a bit of rainbow in her life.

More cushions to come.

As of now I’m in official X-mas gift making, pics will come as I finish them.

But here we have a  To-Do list, so I do not forget.

Pokemon scarf for the mini critic – 80% done  pattern from A bowl of yarn, a skein of noodles.

Queen Anne’s lace scarf for Fanny, my mother, Irene.

Some cool boyish scarf for Juli.

Some other cool scarf for Dany.

Scarf that matches bear hat I made for the bf.

A little somthing for a little papaqui creature if i can get it to her.

Hat for Israel.

That being my first post and me being quite satisfied by it, I shall now say good night, since starfish sleeping hours approach.

Love and Glitter,

Didi Starfish.