Busy bee and garlic soup recipe

Oh gosh, I’ve been so busy, too busy to bother blogging,  bad, bad Starfish! BAD.

I’m way better from the sore throat of death, but I still feel like my brain is made of boogers… a little.  ( yum, eh?)  Also I forgot the camera at the bf’s , so I can’t take piccies of the football scarf I made for  the mini skater.  I have a pattern!  I made one, I feel oh so proud! I also finished the scarf for Dany, which ended up being 20 rounds of  dc, ch1 in a very nice wine colored yarn,  I will be showing later, I promise.

I’m making another poke-ball scarf, for a friend,  I bought  bulkier yarn for it and I’m loving it, its oh so fluffy and oh so soft and ❤  but I think I’m gonna have to give him the  first one I made,  since I don’t think I’ll make it on time.  SO MUCH STUFF TO DOOOO.  I already payed my utilities, but the house, with me sick and injured for two weeks is a total and complete wreck, and I’m expecting a very special visit for next week :D! So I have to have things at least decent.

I’ve been having a busy week, A LOT of work,  a lot of people to visit and a lot of  errands to run.  I feel a tiny bit exhausted today, and my wisdom tooth is killing me and I can’t afford to take it out just yet, HELLO ADVIL!  So I decided to make  something special to feed my little being. (little… I’m extremely tall for a Mexican, 5″6 I know I’m normal in  places with more racial diversity, but here I’m freaking Gulliver in Liliput!)

I made Garlic Soup!  This I used to have at my father’s mother’s place, its delicious and extremely cheap. So it works for my  broke, quasi vegetarian person.  I thought I’d share the recipe in case the curiosity of this spaniard dish strikes anybody.

You need:

8 big cloves of garlic

Half an onion


1 hard bread?  how do you call it?  when its old and its hard as a rock?

Olive oil

1  egg per plate.

Worcestershire sauce

dill, pepper, salt, paprika.

First in a pot, you fry the garlic cloves, whole until they brown a bit and you kitchen smells delicious.  then toss the coarsely chopped onion on that,  add pepper , salt, dill and paprika and water, not too much i think about  3 or 4 cups will do.  Then the Worcestershire sauce, let it boil, like… for a while, obviously not for too long,  then add the sliced old bread and when its really boiling, evily hot, serve and drop an egg in the plate, it has to be really hot so the egg cooks a little, like a pouched egg.

I hope that was… not too cryptic.  mine was delicious, and filling,  and reminded me of my childhood, just what I needed since I forgot I sometimes, need to be fed,  I had two eggs, stop judging me!

Anyway, I shall now retire and bask in my 3gbs of new music.

Love and Garlic goodness,