Rant and Rage

So, I haven’t posted in a month and a half, I have been discouraged at the lack of my crochet things that I always forget to borrow and portray to show the blogosphere.  But hey, I have been moving from my old place into my boss’s house,  and I suck at packing, but it was achieved with the help of my super marvellous incredibly tidy boyfriend. I was tired.

Now I’m moved in small room occupying half of the house with boxes, that contain all my  nuclear family’s life and furniture, it’s been quite a hassle, but I’m ok, not very willing to  get my yarn box out of the mountain of boxes… just yet. Also it’s a five minute walk to work! YAY for that.

So I have my own room and bathroom,  a small open closet and my furniture kinda fits, I’m a bit more broke now, since the moving truck was EXPENSIVE. But really?  no problems.

Except… everyone, or almost everyone has made a big fuss about me living with a man, rom being utterly shocked,  to telling me to be careful and making  plans in case he does something to me. Let me get this straight, he is my friend and someone I know and trust as in, I do not accociate  with misogynistic pigs, I do not feel in danger and that should be enough.  It angers me, that they assume he is some kind of animal that must fuck ALL  the things cuz he is a man. And the belief that I would live with someone that would endanger me… I also do understand that the worry comes from them caring about me and what not.

It’s not their fault.

It’s how society, patriarchal society portrays men as this gluttonous beast that cannot control  his hormones , and how it portrays me as a  prey,  it seems unthinkable to them  that he might be my friend, an just my friend. That I’m not prey, and he is not a predator , that we are actually PEOPLE.

This, and a video of a  girl in Mexico City,  who is being sexually harassed by a neighbour and  the authorities cannot do anything about it until he actually seriously physically harms her…. also the comments on said video are shameful,  I mean  she does get supportive people  who get offended at what happened to her,  but  some others are blaming her,  telling her she should like it, calling her a slut, a whore,  telling her even that she is making it up for attention.  (fowl language ahead)  WHAT THE FUCK?! For real, this made me cry out of anger and impotence. Ok, yes is Mexico, ok yes, it’s the way society works, that DOES NOT mean she should take it, or we women in general.  This was shaming and victim blaming! And now one should just take it and/or ignore it.

This whole mysoginistc ideas feel me with rage and

I’ll figure what I can do about all this nonsense aside from educating myself in feminism ( which is my new found love) and reading amazing blogs ❤

Offended and rioting,

Didi Starfish


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