Pizza and Cookies

That’s what we had, on the weekend, ALL  weekend. It was delicious, yes, it was! Even though my cookies  were fail, but tasted great.

I took a few days off crochetting, in general, the pain on my back had me in a pissy pissy mood,   and when it was gone I was just very interested in my book, and god If i could only read and crochet at the same time, that would be heaven, with a cup of tea, listening to the bf’s guitar, yes I like that idea.

My weekend went swell as always, my poor penguin had the flu, so I was a a penguin nurse,  we watched The Muppets, it exceeded all expectations, you have to know I adore, ADORE the Muppets, and the  movie had me laughing out loud  for all it’s length. And I had macrons!  ❤

Today has been a long, long, long day, actually it felt like that since yesterday’s bus ride home, the driver was driving like an animal on crack and I came out of the bus shaking like a chihuahua threatened by a squeaky toy. Got my bus to pick-up my panicked butt and  went for dinner, a dinner I could not eat, but a dinner that served as breakfast. Went to work , and I picked-up two hours more, so now I work for 7 hours,  which is more money, so YAY. But it felt like  FOR EVER even though everyone was nice today.

My boss usually drives me home since I live  quite close ( by car, public transportation is hell but I face it as the valiant warrior I am), usually making a stop at his house , he feeds his cats, and drops his lap top off… but this time, he forgot about me and left me out there in the winter sun for… 45 minutes, in which I poked my ipod,  read my book, stared blankly at the sky…  oh god it felt like for ever, again.  And between driving here and there to run  some errands, I ended up arriving home at 6 pm.

And still no crochet, or well, less than I’d desire.  I decided to work on two paintings and a sketch I have laying around.

Abandoned with peanuts, see?  poor sad paintings, momma will be paying you lost of attention this week, promise.

And just cuz i feel like I should, here is an sneak-peek of my football scarf.

Tapestry crochet! I also just discovered that making clean circles seems a tad impossible, specially taking into account that my crochet skills are not that advanced yet, specially when its about tapestry. So I think for now, until I find a solution I’ll make something else for Dany.

That will be it for today.

Love and arabic gum,

Didi Starfish.



One thought on “Pizza and Cookies

  1. Tu mamá says:

    Cada vez que leo tu blog y se lo que haces, me siento como paorreal, se que crecer silvestremente como digo que lo hiciste te hizo ser esta maravilosa mujer que eres y no me cansare de decirlo: ESTOY MUY, PERO MUY ORGULLOSA DE LA MUJER TAN LINDA Y CASERA, CREATIVA E INTELIGENTE QUE ERES!!!!!
    Te amo y te extraño como nunca pense, como siempre que no te tengo a dos metros de mi….
    Te amo con este corazon que es enorme 8 casi de gorila albino) quierogalletassssssssssssssssss! mmmmm
    Te amo mi vida.
    Tu madre

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