Poke-ball scarf and Queen Anne’s lace.

Hai thar!

Today it was quite a decent day,  despite the back pain ( which I have been treating with diclofenac gel),  everything worked out fine. Made it to work on time, got some extra hours for the week, got some planning done for the next couple of months since my lease on the house I’m living in ends in January. Also had alot of coffee,  god, I love coffee, I do. Specially with milk, lactose free. ❤

My “tiny” home cup ;D!

So as I said before, I finished my  first two X-mas presents, you should know, that I am not very fond of the holiday. But heck, I’m trying to brighten up  about it.

I present to you, the poke-ball scarf!

Well, isn’t that one cool scarf!  Made from the pattern  at Ramen Needles. I’m quite proud and In love.  Mine is  longer and thinner, since it’s for a child. I’m hoping he will like it as much as I do, and I’m posting this since I know he won’t see it,  he won’t get it till X-mas and I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but do want to share.  I must make one for myself, tho, I happen to love pokemon.  >_>

Also, this…

This one is fro the mother, it was my first time with Queen Anne’s Lace and I must say it was fun to make and it looks  quite lovely, I want to try this pattern  with  different weight yarns and maybe varigrated!

The first time I tried this pattern, months ago, I was in a total, HURR DURR  mode, I could not, for the life of me, figure it out. And I could not have done so with-out the tutorial at This domestic life. I think I still got it a bit wrong, but I liked it never-the-less. Have to keep practising!

I’m still at the football scarf pattern, I think I have it all figured out, but I want to finish it before I post it. Also, gave up ( for now) on the Tunisian, it was coming out  ugly, and it must be pretty, it’s for the bf!  So I’ replanning it, it must be a round scarf for sure.

That would be all for today 8D  I’m off to get some dinner, all this no moving at all is making me hungry. HA!

Love and caffeine,

Didi Starfish.


6 thoughts on “Poke-ball scarf and Queen Anne’s lace.

  1. alyzen says:

    Me encantaron las dos, pero la roja de flores es la moda, sabias? la que te teji te va a encantar, si no puedo ir voy a ver la manera de mandartela….yo tambien tejo pensando en ti…. aunque tu no te acuerdas de mi, snif…. la chantajista de tu madre, te amo!

  2. didistarfish says:

    La tuya va a ser oscura, u que bueno que te gustaron mami, ya quiero ver la que dices ❤

  3. Cara says:

    Hope your back feels better 😦 Drink more coffee–that should do the trick! Or just rub coffee grinds all over it–I heard that works. Or maybe it just makes you smell like a cafe. Hmmmm, regardless, it would be fun wouldn’t it? haha

    • didistarfish says:

      YAY! Hey, thankyou!!! And the coffee always saves us all! ahahahah and smelling like cafe sounds good to me, mmmmm <3!!! Love LOVE LOVEEEEE your blog btw. It helps me achieve veganity ahahaha.

  4. El DavE says:

    Yo quiero una de esas bufandas… ¡T’envidio!

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